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Our Legal Services Portfolio Includes

Corporate & Commercial Law

Explore the corporate world with our skilled legal team, offering advice on transactions, governance, and compliance. We provide guidance on asset sales, financing options, corporate restructurings, infrastructure projects, legal due diligence for public and private entities, Banking Law expertise, and financial services.

Dispute Resolution

Our dispute resolution expertise covers litigation, arbitration, and mediation in sectors like Administrative Law, Competition, Banking and Finance Litigation, Construction and Infrastructure Dispute Resolution, Corporate and Securities Litigation, Insurance Disputes, and Insolvency. We focus on achieving positive outcomes while minimizing risk and operational disruption for our clients.

Real Estate and Construction Law

Navigate real estate deals and construction projects with assurance. Our experts excel in contract negotiation, land use approvals, and real estate finance, offering customized guidance for developers, investors, and property managers.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Leverage our M&A team’s experience for comprehensive support throughout mergers and acquisitions. We offer restructuring advice, due diligence, legal compliance guidance, and preparation of transaction documents such as share purchase agreements, subscription agreements, options agreements, and shareholders’ agreements.

Technology, Media and Technology Law

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of technology-related issues, including data protection, cybersecurity, intellectual property rights, technology law (AI, machine learning, and Fintech), media law, and compliance with emerging technology regulations. We support startups and businesses in ensuring that their innovations are protected and their ventures comply with relevant laws.


Intellectual Property

Safeguard your most valuable assets with our comprehensive intellectual property expertise, ranging from patent filing to defending against infringement. Our dedicated team upholds innovation by securing and protecting your intellectual property rights in diverse industries.

Tax Law

Our tax specialists provide strategic advice to ensure compliance and optimize tax positions. We handle everything from routine corporate tax planning and compliance to complex international tax matters and dispute resolution with tax authorities.


Banking and Financial Services

Our team advises banks, financial institutions, and fintech firms on regulatory compliance, financial instruments, and loan agreements to ensure seamless and compliant financial operations aligning with current laws and industry standards for facilitating robust and successful financial transactions.

Environmental Law and Sustainability

Address the complexities of environmental compliance and sustainability. Our firm supports clients in navigating regulations related to renewable energy projects, environmental due diligence, and sustainable business practices.

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Employment and Labor Law

Confidently manage your workforce with our comprehensive advisory services. From drafting employment contracts and workplace policies to handling labor disputes and ensuring regulatory compliance, our expertise ensures alignment with labor laws while safeguarding both your company’s interests and the well-being of your employees.

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